Kendwa has proved fantastic for us. The house is wonderful, and we can go down to the beach with a ball and kick it around by the waves. Schoolwork is done in the air conditioned rooms, and we haven’t eaten out for 3 whole days!

When we arrived, we immediately surveyed the property for a good place to play our board games. We found one. We didn’t buy the rooms on the roofdeck, but we do get to use the table up there. It’s in shade, and we can look out over the ocean, and watch as the powerful, giant, waves break out far from the shore.

We spent the majority of the day up on the roof, playing Civlization: A New Dawn. We joked, laughed, and strategized over how we were to best play the game. Alex claimed a certain valley on the board to be his “ancestral homeland,” while Janet, Jasper, and Kieran all called it folly. They each tried to take control of it and the surrounding area, while a certain barbarian group tried to crush the presence of anyone but themselves. I was Switzerland. I was on nobody’s side. A pacifist. There were 4 great wars raging amongst the other civilizations, while we all laughed over the ridiculous difficulty of building anything in the “ancestral homeland.”

A lot of very fun and meaningful things had happened in the past couple weeks, though I think that was probably the day when I had the most active fun. All five of us were having so much fun. I kind of wish every living relative I had was there to just laugh and play with us all through the morning and afternoon.

Janet cooked vegetable stew for dinner, and we made fun of and laughed at the creativity and charm in some hobbit names, such as Meriadoc Brandybuck and Peregrin Took. We looked up other Brandybuck, Took, and Baggins relatives and praised J.R.R. Tolkien for his good work on names. We picked our favorite names in all of Middle Earth and listened to a story of how a hobbit invented golf by knocking an orc’s head off in battle and landing it right in a rabbit hole.

We schooled ourselves until it was bedtime, and I went to sleep laughing in my head about all the jokes that had been made that day.