We are going to leave Tanzania in 4-7 days, and I want to say goodbye to Africa. I will miss the places here, such as the grand beaches of Kendwa, the places we stayed, the food, and much more. I loved all the places, some more than others, but I still liked them all. I am going to say a few things about Tanzania.

One thing I love about Tanzania is their hospitality. Whenever you walk by a Maasai on the beach, they greet you with “jambo” or “mambo” and you get into a nice, friendly talk. I feel like they really mean it, not just them trying to turn it into a whole buy-this-from-me conversation. I feel happy when someone greets me and gives me a gentle hello. Sometimes they have a blanket and have the chance to try to sell something, but they don’t.

The food here is also amazing. For now, I’ll be talking about Zanzibar, and over all Tanzania mainland doesn’t have very interesting food. Zanzibar is known for its spices and has foods like pumpkin cinnamon soup and curry with cardamon. I love the food of Zanzibar that is abundant with spices. They use cardamon, cinnamon, pepper, tumeric, ginger, and many, many more spices. I love the food of Tanzania and it brings me joy to eat it! yum yum yum yummy!

Now for the Serengeti. A great endless plain teeming with animals doing whatever they can to survive. Even if it is difficult, some still survive. But sadly, others don’t. In arid plains like the Serengti, I am suprised that even some vegetation can thrive there. I will miss the Serengeti. I love the Serengeti and I may not see those animals (in their natural habitat) again. The serval cat, Kori bustard, and the Marabu stork were some of my favorites.

Now bye bye to everything. The hospitality, food, the Serengeti, the Maasai, and much much more. I think I like Spain and Tanzania the same, and all the things are approximately equal.

Below: Map of Tanzania