A couple of days ago, I injured the bottom of my foot, so I have been walking on the side of my foot in the meanwhile. But it has been getting better, so occasionally I can walk normally. We had just started the walk off to the beach in the early morning to have lots of time to play in water. When we were walking, I realized the cut would hurt extremely if I put it in the water.

When we reached the water, Alex said “just try”. I tried over and over, holding Alex’s hand, and when I just almost did it a Maasai man walked over and started to try to sell us something.

“Uuuuuuugh” I thought. I noticed that he was trying to sell some wooden slates. We said $15, and it is common to make out the price even though you are not going to buy it. He continued the conversation and then we bought them! A wonderful suprise! At 4 o’clock we would go there to get them.

Time passed quickly, and by the time it was four it felt like just a couple of seconds had passed. We left without Janet to keep it a secret for her. All four of us trotted down the murmuring streets of Kendwa to the same place where we found him. We were all suprised to see that it was not the Maasai man; it was a different person on a little blanket still working on them. We watched him beatifully carve the wooden slates embedded with our names on the ebony wood. We waited a long time and passed out ginger snaps to other local kids. We watched him make them all together: the carving, the hand-drilling, and all the else more. It was incredible. Once he had finished, we went back home with them and Janet was very suprised!