Today I am going to write a tiny word for each signifigant thing we did in our Africa section of Worldschooling.

In Stone Town: stained stone buildings, narrow streets, hungry kittens, WiFi prt6oblems, Zanzibari doors, crowded and tiring, Forodhani, Darjani Market, Old Fort, sunrise getting up in the early morning for Dubai, church Christmas carols, Jambiani low tide walk out, Stone Town tour, Changuu Island, An African Election, slave trade, spice trade

In Mto Wam Bu: Maasai market, Tuk-Tuk, bike ride

Nungwi: Sea turtle sanctuary, wide open streets, touristy, Alex (somebody at the place we stayed)

Arusha: long walk to the big mall, the Meru tribe tour

Kendwa: wooden slates

Paje: donations, extra touristy

Safari: Lake Manyara, Emmanuel — our lovely Safari guide, lions eating cape buffalo, Maribu Storks, rhino, suspense waiting for cheetah

All over: Yahya — Our lovely Zanzaiari taxi driver, all the driving, hospitality, Call to Prayer, smoothies, sunsets in Zanzibar

Other: Spice Tour, How short the airplane flight was from Tanzania to Zanzibar, Cooking with Yahya, Pole Pole, Hakuna Matata