Yesterday, we packed and returned to Stonetown. We are staying here for 2 nights before heading out to Dubai. We came back to Stonetown for 3 reasons: First, we will be taking a flight to Dubai at 8:30am tomorrow, and we wanted to stay the last two nights closer to the airport. Second, the airbnb in Kendwa didn’t have space available for the last two nights. And third, we had some cards to mail, and the only post office on the island of Zanzibar is in Stone Town.

Our hostel is called “BOTTOMS UP” which I had been wondering about, because it is just a few yards away from the house we were in at Stonetown before we went on the “Nungwi, Paje, Kendwa” stretch. We walked up 3 steep staircases (wait… I think it was 4), and on the way was an adorable African Gray (a type of parrot (we will talk about the parrot later)). We had two rooms, one for us (Julien, Kieran, and I), and one for Janet and Alex. They have a beautiful roofdeck where they served us breakfast this morning, and was also perfect for schoolwork.

We woke up to a delicious breakfast which started our day. The place pretty much had no wifi, because it was impossible to connect to. We had to get a lot of things done, because tomorrow was a get-up-early-and-hop-on-a- plane day. The main thing was shipping stuff home, because we decided we were going to get rid of a lot of stuff (shipping it home (keychains and a few more things)). We started our day with blogging, because that was pretty much the only thing we could do (schoolwise) besides reading.

Our lunch was a bit difficult. We went to Lukmans, a common tourist restraunt. We sat down and immediatly started debating our smoothie options with “I’ll have this smoothie, and if they don’t have that smoothie I’ll have this smoothie, and if they don’t have that smoothie…”. What I’m saying is Luukmans had 60 billion smoothie options and they always only had 1/6 of them. Then we checked in on the main course, and they responded with: “We have these two rices, this curry, and 2 other things”(I don’t remember which ones (they had about 20 things on the menu)). We decided to come back for dinner, and we went to “Ma Shaa Allah”, a delicious Indian restraunt that is Lukmans’ neighbor.

Once we got home from Lunch, we decided what we were going to ship home. I just shipped my keychains home, because that is the only thing that I don’t have a use for (plus, more than 3/4 of them are metal). Kieran and Julien shipped just a few more things home. I am happy we lightened our load, but we are not going to ship the keychains that I get in other places.

Now for the O’great parrot that I call Treebeaky. Treebeaky was an African gray parrot. Now here is the story: After dinner (at Lukmans), we all came home and Julien started whistling for fun. But then, he heard a weird noise. so he walked downstairs and it turned out to be Treebeaky! But the first time when he looked Treebeaky stopped as if he was saying: I not going: Caw aw he caw. Julien finally caught him on the third time. Later he said “Ja-m-bo”. That is the story of Treebeaky.

I will miss Stonetown, for this is my last day in Stonetown.

Below: Stonetown