We woke up at an early 5:00 and headed on a 6-hour flight off to Dubai. Then we just landed with a thump on the floors of Dubai (Dubai is one of the biggest cities in the world and is on the tip of the Arabian Peinusula). I lazily climbed out of the airplane with my big pack, and walked over to the bus. The bus took a short drive and stopped at the airport. We only came to Dubai because it is the cheapest flight to India, but the layover is sooooo long that we rented a space for a day, and would leave at 9:00am for another kinda early flight. We had such limited time because we wanted to go to the Dubai Mall (the biggest mall in the world), watch a movie in our hotel, go to the gym, and go the swimming pool, but the gym and pool closed at 8:00PM. But the first thing we did was the Dubai Mall.

We took a taxi to Dubai Mall and dove in. It was too complicated for me to understand. While we were in Tanzania for six weeks, the biggest of shops would be the size of two thirds of our current hotel living room! So going to the largest mall in the world was impossible to imagine. Also Dubai is one of the richest cities in the world so they put impossibly spectacular decorations in the mall. We trotted around the amazing mall and eventually reached the best part, the Dubai Fountain.

We stared up at the Burj Kalifa (tallest building in the world (soon The Jeddah Tower will outreach it)) in awe. Then some music started. Big flashes went up the Burj Kalifa and big squirts of water went up 150 meters into the air, about as tall as a 50 story building! It stopped and we learned they do that every 30 minutes all day long! We walked around the fountain to stand at the base of the Burj Kalifa.

Once we were done with that we did not have the time to do anything else so we just went back home and fell asleep.


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