Dubai was going to be a one-night stay. Arrive one day from Zanzibar and leave the next for India. There were slight complications.

It turns out that we didn’t know that you needed a visa for India, so when we got in line to have our boarding passes printed at the airport, we didn’t have Indian visas with us. Unfortunately, we got the bad news when it was our turn.

We had to miss our flight and spend half the day thinking about new ideas. We were going to be fine. Alex and Janet toyed with the idea of taking a short trip to either Turkey or Nepal, but everything stopped at a dead end. We eventually reached a decision. Our original plan was to go from Zanzibar=>Dubai=>Kovalam=>Varanasi. We have since altered that schedule to go from Zanzibar=>Dubai=>Delhi+Agra=>Varanasi. We are allotting the time that we were going to spend in Kovalam to Dubai, and splitting up the original time for Varanasi between Varanasi, Delhi, and Agra.

The Golden Triangle is the triangle that the three cities of Delhi Agra, and Jaipur form. Those three cities contain a lot of the old history and forts dating back to the Mughal Empire. We will see two out of three of the cities in the golden triangle.

We were all a little stressed and uneasy by the sudden change, but we found a new hotel (we would have preferred an airbnb but where on earth are you going to find a non-expensive airbnb in Dubai) to spend the rest of our newly allotted time in Dubai. I assure everyone that we are fine. We are merely spending the last couple days in a hotel to catch the next plane to India. We have our visas ready and we will head off to India when the time comes.

Kovalam is not something I am going to miss. We were going to have a TV in Kovalam, but we now have a TV here. We need a TV to watch lots of films that we have in our library that are related to our travels, and we are always so happy when we learn we will have a TV someplace. Kovalam is said to have the best beaches in India, but since India is so crowded, the beaches might be completely stuffed with humans.

Big changes are a big part of our travels. We used to think that we wouldn’t go to India nor Japan, and that we would be staying in Thailand instead of Bali (island in Indonesia). We keep switching things around, but we do have everything organized. Read our Places page to see where we have gone and where we are planning to go.

Below: Where we will go in India (not Jaipur)