Today, we started the morning with schoolwork and then left at 3:30pm for the Global Village. The Global Village was a giant “plaza” lined with entrances to areas resembling different countries. It was freezing when we got outside. I was shivering my butt off, so I went to get warmer clothes and then hopped into the taxi. We drove to the entrance, which was a pretty palace (mabye Indian style?).

When we entered the plaza/entrance there was suddenly a giant mix of historical monuments. The Eiffel tower was halfway through a clothes shop, the Sydney Opera House was a London dairy cafe, the Colosseum was sticking into Big Ben, the Leaning Tower of Pisa was sticking out of the Colosseum… it was messing up my reality! But that was only the entrance. Then there were areas that resembled gates.

We started with Turkey that had a entrance that was a white gate. The only abnormal thing was that the gates are made out of plaster! But the inside was great! It was like a mini baazar! There were food stands everywhere, with occasionally someone selling cloth and other stuff. We then exited and went to Pakistan. The only things Pakistan had were racks full of cloth and fur coats. But, the cloth had did have intricate designs and the fur coats looked extremely soft.

We left Pakistan and headed for Europe. Yes, they had one section for the whole of Europe. We then realized the Global Village was very Muslim/Asian centric. Europe was boring. They had shoes, makeup, and perfume; and that was basically all there was. Then we went to the section called Americas. We were excited to see what they did for United States, but the Americas was just as boring as Europe because they focused so much on the Wild West. The only other things were were perfume and eye shadow.

Then we saw a area with Bosnia (a country on the Balkan peninsula bordering Croatia, Serbia, and Montenegro; also known as Bosnia and Herzegovina)? We were confused. Why Bosnia? We then learned that Bosnia is a Muslim country, and they put it in because the Global Village was very Muslim/Asian centric. It had a neat style and we tried some samples of this pepper jam stuff which was delicious.

We then went to Thailand, which was beatiful. I loved the style of Thailand the most. We got bubble tea there, which was amazing! Bubble tea is a smoothie with black balls called tapioca balls. The tapioca balls are made from a starch that is extracted from the cassava root, which we were first introduced to in Tanzania. I was wondering if they did a good job representing Thailand, because I haven’t been there yet.

We then went to Russia, which was different than I expected. Russia had a classic Russian palace as the entrance. Inside was a statue of the first Russian to go into space and some other neat stuff. We went through Afganistan, Palestine, and Lebanon. However, there was no Israel. We went to Egypt where I was astonished because there was someone putting sand in little glass vases and he put layers of sand in order to make a camel walking in the desert with a sunset and some moutains in the background. Otherwise, Egypt was pretty boring. We heard that there was this fountain show going on that was supposed to resemble the one at the Burj Khalifa, but of course it was smaller.

I was still very cold, and we found this Turkish food that looked cheesy and warm. We got a little pancake-like circle of it, and it turned out to be a dessert! it was a delicious honey and cheese dessert that filled me with yummyness.

Then the fountain show started. We trotted our little butts over there, and it was amazing! “Little” spouts shooting up and lights full of color shining underwater. Once that was over, we went to the area called Africa. In the part of Africa there were signs showing different countries, and one was Tanzania! The shops were so familiar! We saw the soapstone animals, and the wooden Maasai keychains! We then left Africa and the Global Village.

Below: Gates to countries





Below: Mini Fountain Show

Below: Pakistan

Below: America


20190119_1733001379376107.jpgBelow: Tanzania