Today I have decided to write about facts about Dubai.

First of all, we learned that people take license plates seriously here. The less digits on your license plate the more special the license plate. Police like their license plates. The lowest digit I have found has been a four and it was on the only police car I had seen. The number one license plate was sold for $14 Million!

Second, we are lucky we did not come to Dubai in the summer. Here in the summer it can go up to 120 degrees F. Earlier we asked somebody if they like it here in Dubai and they said: “not so much” and that was because of how hot it was.

Third, camel racing is a very common sport. But since adults can not fit on the camels, kids would get on the camels and race them. People would kidnap kids and make them camel race for them. But now that is illegal, so Quatar has come up with a “solution.” Quatar has developed child-sized robots to take place of the children, and camel racing remains a multi-million dollar sport.

Below: A camel

After that, UAE has so much oil that the mayor of Dubai has over $4 billion and owns a $400 million yacht named “Dubai,”and the President of the UAE has over $18 billion! So that is one reason why Dubai is so fancy.

Below: Shiek Muhammad who owns over $4 billion and a 400 million yacht and. Second, a tower of wealth




Next, 40% of the world’s gold trade passes through Dubai. They even have ATMs that dispense gold instead of money. I kind of wanted to see a gold dispensing ATM but we were so busy and did not have the time to go wander about Dubai looking for ATMs that dispense gold.

Last but not least, the per capita of water consumption in Dubai is 80% above the world’s average. Also, what they do is they treat seawater so it can be drunk. So they basically have endless amounts of water.