Today, we got on the longest train ride in existence. Well… fine. Not the longest train ride in existence. But still very long. We woke up and ate a decent breakfast and then hopped ourselves over to the train station. Our train was to Varanasi where we would stay for 4 days before leaving for Thailand. We got to the train station at about 8:15 because the train was supposed to come at 8:55am. But, in India there is no train that comes on time and the timing said it was now going to come at 10:00. We decided to stay there and wait. Then the speaker said:

Inconvenience caused is to be expected.

Ok. We expected that. Our train finally arrived at 10:35 and we tried to find our train car. We couldn’t find it. We looked on the end of the train because that was second class. Nope. Then we showed someone our car number and it was on the other side of the train where it was also second class. It was a very long train and we didn’t know when it was going to leave. We ran for what seemed like miles and quickly dashed into our car on the other side of the train. 15-20 seconds later the train was moving. Phew, we had made it. I thought it was the most stressful train ride catch I have ever had. But, there were closer train catches.

It was a sleeper train so there were bunk beds instead of seats. We got settled in in our cozy-ish beds. It was going to 8:00pm but it will now arrive in Varanasi at 9:30, or so we thought. This is how it went:

10:44: look at downloaded podcasts

10:47: listen to podcasts

11:10: snuggle up in bed

11:49: watch clips of movies

12:32: go to the bathroom (a very stinky bathroom)

12:37: listen to another podcast

1:00: watch a movie

3:01: snuggle up in bed

3:10: listen to one more podcast

3:35: my podcast gets interrupted when my battery goes out

4:00: 50% battery

4:01: go to the bathroom

4:07: snuggle

And so on…

I checked the time and it was midnight! The train was supposed to stop in Varanasi at 10 o’clock! Well, it made sense. They did say “Inconvenience caused is to be expected”. We finally got there around 3:00am! My eyes were droopy when I got off the train and I was exhausted when we got to the place we stay. I was ready to flop in a cozy bed. And so I did.

Below: Place we are staying in Varanasi

Below: Train Bunk Beds



Below: Indian Landscape