We decided to get a boat ride down the Ganges because we heard it was a very peaceful and pretty experience. We went down to the ghats where we found someone who would take us on the boat ride. We got in a little wooden canoe. The boat started moving as we sat down, and we glided along the waters of the Ganges. I had some paper and a pencil for drawing quick sketchs of the river and landscape around me. It was an amazing landscape full of activity. The Ganges is the third fastest flowing river and is where many bodies are cremated or dropped into the water with a stone to weigh it down (read Julien’s post: “The City of Light“).

I immediatly went to work on drawing a modern bridge. I then drew a picture of the landscape ahead of us: ghats, houses, and kites (read my post: The Kites of Varanasi). We swiftly glided along the Ganges. We then saw the Manikarnika ghat, one of two where they cremate the bodies. There was a big fire with a bunch of used bamboo strechers next to it. It felt nice being on the Ganges for my first and probably last time. Janet spotted a baby wrapped up to be dropped into the river on a boat. After a baby/kid died, they would not cremate the body but wrap it up and drop it in the river. I wonder how that baby died, what he did, and many other things.

Then I saw a hawk swop down and grab a fish from the river, just like that. It was neat to see the hawk close up because we had seen hawks in the distance but never seen any so close up. It was nice gliding on the river, our boat bobbing up and down on the waves like a floatie. We slowly turned around on the Ganges. I drew a thing that I think might have been a bell tower that was red and black. Well, I didn’t draw with color so the colors didn’t show.

I drew more sketchs as we drifted closer to the shore and then… we stopped at a halt. Awwwww. We had to get out. It was nice riding on the Ganges but, of course it will never last forever.
Below: Boat ride


Below: Manikarnika Ghat



Below: Tilting temple due to water