Today, we went to Sarnath. For Buddists there are four centers of importance: where the Buddha was born (in Nepal Lumbini), where he reached enlighment (in India, Bodgaya), where he first taught (India, Sarnath), and where he died (in India, Kushinagar, about 100 km from his birthplace in Nepal).

We woke up early, ate some breakfast, and started our ride in a small tuk-tuk to Sarnath. Sarnath is where the Buddha first began teaching his beliefs, but I find it a little strange that it is only a 30 minute away from Varanasi, the holy city of the Hindus.

We got off the tuk-tuk and walked over to the center of his teachings. It took us a while to get in but we when did we got to see the area. There were many remains of monastaries and stupas from when the muslims came in, and they wanted Islam to be the main religion, not Buddhism so they destroyed it. So sadly, most was in ruins. Then we reached the museum.

The Museum had all types of statues and stones, but only a couple of objects that were not carvings or statues remained, like a golden necklace or cup. One of the last intact things was the Dhamek Stupa. It it a building, but even though half of it was removed the other half has stayed intact for centuries.

I also find it a bit odd that the main religion of India is Hindism and only 1.00% is Buddhist.

Below: Dhamek stupa


Below: other stupas that have not stood


Below: Stones


Below: tuk-tuk