India is a place of two faces. On one face, you have the sickness (which I got), the poverty, the difficulty, the activity (read my other post: Busy Cities), and for us, the preparation. The other face includes the spirituality, the history, and the hardworking aspect of the country. It was not the most enjoyable of experiences, being sick and all, but Hinduism was by far the religion that I respect the most now. I have seen what it like to live a Hindu life, and could almost see it in the trees and plants.

It was busy, and crowded and loud, but also at the same time almost comfortably slient. There were some afternoons in Varanasi that I would only hear some dogs, some kites, and couple voices. I had room to think. Unlike Delhi and Agra, Varanasi was much more calming. I am going to miss it. I am going to miss India.

It felt kind of satisfying to hop on the plane to Thailand. In India, practically all the work I got done was the blogs that I was already behind on. I spent the rest of my time out exploring or laying in my bed being sick. I had this longing feeling that in Thailand, I could relax. I will hit schoolwork once again like a wrecking ball, because I will have the space and the time to be focused. One of the main reasons I will be able to get a lot more done in Thailand is because I probably won’t be sick. Though I do expect myself to still have the most miniscule appetite, diarrhea, and the rumbly tummy at least in my first couple days in Thailand, because I am not really getting better, and my tummy hurt as I clambered onto the plane.

I know that tourism is very big in Thailand, and it is certainly a more developed place than Tanzania or India, and that Buddhism is the main religion. I will love to continue meditating, and even go to a meditation retreat with Alex sometime in the next 3 weeks that we spend in Thailand.

As always, I feel a longing to visit each and every country we have left behind us, but as I did with Europe and Africa, I put India in the back of my mind, remember and miss it, keep it there, and focus on what is at hand.

Below: Indian Temple (tilting due to water)