Yesterday, we landed in Thailand. We got to our place and went to sleep. Today, we experienced Thailand. I am amazed at the silence: no honking cars, no barking dogs, etc. Plus, we haven’t seen any poop! It is so calm and peaceful. Even just the landscape is peaceful. It is so relaxing.

First, the architecture is so nature-based. There are trees, little palm tree leaf huts, and vines everywhere. The nature sort of blends in with the architecture until the tree is the architecture. The buildings don’t only use plants, but also use other nature. For example, there are rocky paths with little stepping stones on the lawn next to them. Coming from India, this is so peaceful. Also, for some strange reason it seems like fall and spring at same time because leaves are falling occasionally and sometimes many fall for 1 minutes to 10 minutes at a time.

The religion here is heavily Buddhist. The Buddha focused on meditation and letting go of desire. It is a calm environment because of this. Well… of course that is not the only thing that makes this place so peaceful but it adds a lot of meaning to why this place is so calm. Coming back from India also makes it very calm. The bustling streets of India were not so calm, as you probably know. Motorcycles everywhere, rarely crosswalks and if there was a crosswalk it would be useless, etc. Just sitting down and staring up at the sky is peaceful.

Unlike most countries, Thailand’s food is better in Thailand. For example, I like Indian food more in the United states than in India. This rule is true for many countries except Thailand. The Thai food here is great. We found a really cheap restaurant with extremely good Thai food. It is nice to be able to stuff a bunch of tasty food into my little stomach.

We are going to take it easy here, but we will also be doing a lot of stuff. You could phrase it like this: We are going to do a lot of stuff here, but we have a lot of time compared to what we are doing. So, for now, we are taking it easy and chilling.

Below: Really good restraunt

Below: Really good food in Really good restaurant