We are in a little bungalow in the village area of Chiang Mai. It is like a little nature retreat with a gym and a little treehouse. There are little rock stepping stones to lead you to your bungalow, and a community kitchen to cook. There is even a small gym to workout in! I find the place to be very peaceful and it has a slower pace of life. The peace and quiet helps me study on the large table and gives me a nice mindset for scoolwork. There are little tables under a big trees to drink your bubble tea or smoothie. The jackfruit on the mossy trees is everwhere with vines crawling across them. The dark wood panels of the bungalows line up neatly with a window in between here and there. Everything about the place is wonderful. I like how the short stubby bushes grab onto you when you walk across the green grass or the bumby stones.

The bright sun gleams of the golden and red paint on the little shrine in the corner of the entering field. Three tables sit around the shrine, two having white hardened candle wax splattered on the side. The sound of twittering and cooing from the birds fills my ears with warmness. The croaking of frogs lingers around with the birds, and the twig-looking butterflies hop from one part of a tree to another.