I woke up with a mind to work. No one else was awake, but I was still in my bed studying. I have gotten into a habit of doing schoolwork every day (with some exceptions) in places like Zanzibar and Spain. India felt weird. I was always either too busy or too sick to get anything done in India. Now was my chance.

I had made a commitment in France and Germany that I would school my butt off in Zanzibar. I worked very hard in Zanzibar, but I still had my butt by the time I left. Dubai and India were times when I wasn’t able to get anything done beside just a couple blogs, and we expect that after Thailand and Bali, we will have another stretch in China and Japan where we won’t have much time either.

I had turned myself into a wrecking ball fueled by Thai food and bubble tea for breakfast, as well as my dedication to my studies. Most of the schoolwork we do is self-directed, meaning we follow a curriculum but choose what we need to get done in a day. Alex and Janet give us a couple assignments here and there, but really we decide how much we do and of what we should work on.

We have a medium-sized room for us on a property on a slight hill, with a common space, an outdoor kitchen, stepping stones in the open area, and plenty of tables to work at. There are trees and plants surrounding the space. It is so open, and there is so much space to work.

It felt really good to sit down and work from 8:30am to 4:00pm, with almost no disruptions. Afterwards I took a deep breath and retired to some well needed rubik’s cube time (I bring my rubik’s cubes around the world) and some calm reading of Earth Abides.

My hope is that every free day I have will be similar to that. I would like to remain a wrecking ball.

Below: Property



Below: Different working environments