We had to wake up early to get ready for a festival called Jai Thep. Jai Thep is a 3-day hippie festival. I didn’t know much else. We got a taxi because we wanted to get there early before the ticket stand opened and all the tickets got sold out.

Janet told me that it was a bit like Critical, a festival near Seattle. The staff went to work at setting up the ticket office. Now there was 1 other person. We were very early. One of the main differences between Critical and Jai Thep was the vendors. In Critical, everything is free except the ice (I don’t know why it’s the ice). While in Jai Thep, the food costs money. Critical has a “do whatever you want” vibe. However, with Jai Thep, you have to tell the Jai Thep managers that you’re setting up a stand, and so on. In Jai Thep, they didn’t pay in cash, and instead they used something very similar to a debit card. We got our tickets and hopped on in!

I looked at the map, and there was a lot to see! A giant octopus thingamabob, a obstacle course, a creek, 16 billion restaurants, a Vedic planetarium, 5 stages called: a Buffalo Stage, a River Stage, a Karma Stage, A Mantis Stage, and a Octopus stage… and a bunch of other stuff. Everything seemed to open at 10:00, 1 hour from when we entered. We checked out the place, and found out that the giant octopus thingamabob was humongous.

At about 10:00 we did some “kid yoga” that included lots of stretches and focusing on the mind. We found a elephant poo poo paper project, were you would use the fibers of elephant poo to make paper! First, you get this ball made out of elephant poo fibers and you soak it in water as you tear it up. Then, you have to let the pieces float in a filter as you spread it around. Then you lift up the filter and all the water flows out as you pick it up. Finally, you let dry for 3-4 hours, and when it’s dry pull it off the filter and you got some elephant poo paper. So, the paper isn’t made out of that mushy brown poo, but it’s made of the straw that comes out with the poo (elephant poo has a lot of straw in it). We let it dry, had a bit of conflict on whose poo poo paper was whose (with another person), and then tore the paper off the filter.

We heard about this show going on in the Vedic Planetarium. From the outside, it looked like a giant beach ball that had fallen from space and landed almost halfway into the ground. However, from the inside, it looked like you were in a giant black beach ball. We had come in a bit after it started, but that was fine. It got me a bit disoriented because the image was surrounding me. The video had such neat animations. The way the people’s joints moved and the way the people jumped was neat, interesting, cool, and different.

We lay around until a new show went on, but it wasn’t a story. It was just pretty shapes and stuff. We got inside as the show started. The images looked 3D and there were folding on top of each other. Do you know what that illusion thing is called? They would fold and twist until a giant spectacle came out of a folding shape. It was almost always a face with decorations on and around that face. Sometimes it would floating hexahedrons, golden sparkles, and so on. It was about 20 minutes of that and when we got out my jaw was on the floor!

We walked over to the obstacle course. The maze in it is made out of hay, and now it had turned into a pile of hay because people had accidentally pushed over hay bales. We were going to go to home very soon, which is sad. We flopped in the pile of hay, getting ourselves covered in hay. 5 minutes into our “hay bathing”, someone asked us if we wanted to play tag. Well, why not? We played tag, running in the hay and grass, and stumbling. There were 2 other kids playing tag, Bradley and Josh (I don’t know if spelled their names correctly). The game later didn’t care about how fast you could run, because it wasn’t common for the tagger to outrun the runner(s). It was more about trickery and what position you are in to prepare to run.

The sun setted as we were still playing, and then we had to leave. Awwwwwwwwww. It was so much fun. But now we had to leave. We got home, and went straight to our fuzzy, super fuzzy, extra fuzzy, beds. Did I mention that the bed are very fuzzy?

Below: Kid Yoga



Below: Obstacle course



Below: Entrance



Below: Vedic Planetarium



Below: Us playing tag

Below: Step one to elephant poo-poo paper: Filter

Below: Step 2 to poop paper: dry

Below: Elephant poo poo paper poop

Below: River Stage

Below: Giant Octopus Thingamabob

Below: Kieran laying in hay


Below: Buffalo Stage