Today I would like to talk about the rating of the foods in the countries we have been to from 1 to 5.

For London, I would say 3.6 because it really is not known for much, and mostly just put out restaurants of different types like a Chinese restaurant there and a Italian here, so not my favorite but still delicious!

Spain was great, so a 4.6 for the gazpacho and vegetarian paella. Also, all the great food that our relatives made for us there! Although, it could barely not beat France, Italy or Thailand.

Morocco was just horrible, so a 3.1 because every day it would be, jam and butter on bread for breakfast, cous cous and Tajin for lunch, and more cous cous and tajin for dinner! Just same things was so awful.

Italy a 4.7, great, delicious food with pasta and pizza but kind of sadly I could just not find out what made it so good!

Switzerland a 3.7, medium food, not the best but still good– a little better than London, I think.

Although no European country could beat France at 4.9. Our hosts gave us three meals a day all homemade and probably some of the best food I have ever tasted!

So, to wrap up Europe, we end with Germany at 3.7. I would consider it kind of like London but a little better, so medium food.

Tanzania makes it to only 3.2, because there was a lot of beans and rice, and limited options. But, it was very fresh!

Dubai would be 4.8. Just amazing, because we had been in Tanzania for two months. Although, if we had just been in Spain, it would have probably been about as good as London.

India only reached 2.5. It made us all sick, and we all threw up because we were not used to the bacteria. So, thumbs down to India.

Thailand would be the best reaching to 5.0! Best food ever, amazing and delicious, I do not know how they do it!