Down days are super fun (read my other post: There is Nothing else to Say), and there really isn’t much to do besides schoolwork. I want to talk about something that has popped up in every corner of our travels: IKEA. IKEA is everywhere. IKEA is a Scandinavian furniture retail company. They also sell home appliances and little things like cups and lamps. It is everywhere.

One of the reasons why there is IKEA everywhere is because there is basically an IKEA in every big city. But there is only one in each city. That is because they are huge. Massive blue and yellow (Janet told me it was Scandinavian, but the blue and yellow leads me to think it is Swedish) building stocked full of furniture and home appliances. Sometimes they are put outside the city because the stores are so big. An average IKEA store could be three hundred thousand square feet, like the size of five football fields!

When Janet was browsing the airbnb website for places to stay, she stumbled across a place whose description included:

“…with a touch of Scandinavian design…”

The people who owned that place were basically saying: “We shopped at IKEA.”

The cups in Maruja’s apartment in Fuengirola were from IKEA. The bed in Heidelberg was from IKEA. The cups at our previous place in Chiang Mai were from IKEA. Even our riad in the Fes Medina had a shelf that was from IKEA. I’m sure the list goes on, but that is all I can remember for now.

It is so fun to look on some chair or cup or plate or bed or blender and see that it is from IKEA. It seems that everybody who lives in cities with IKEAs have at least something from their massive Scandinavian furniture store.

It is always IKEA. I’m sure that I will see more of IKEA in the future.

Below: IKEA picture from the internet