We went to the mall–my first time, and everybody else’s second time. I was sick the other time, so I didn’t go. We are next to a neighborhood called Nimmanhaemin, which is sort of like downtown. The mall is there, and a lot of restaurants, coffee shops and stores. We started walking in the blazing sun. We arrived, and there was a Chinese New Year feel to it (on the outside). There were colorful dragons, adorable pigs (because it’s the year of the pig), red lamps, and other decorations. We were planning to watch How to Train Your Dragon number 3, so we got tickets for the show. The inside was very white, and there were shops lining the walls.

When Julien, Kieran, and Janet went to the mall, they went to a really good dessert place called “Mango Mania.” We decided to go there this time because it had so many delicious foods. That was true. They had Mango Sticky Rice, Mango Bingsu, something called “Black Lord,” something called “Mango Baobing,” a Mango Treasure Bowl, Mango Yogurt, something called “Hokkaido Melon,” you get it. We ordered some mango sticky rice and a Mango Bingsu. The mango sticky rice and mango binsu came, and it looked DELICIOUS. The Mango Bingsu was a heap of this thing that I believe was coconut and shaved ice (trust me, it was delicious). It had a ball of mango ice cream on the top, with mango cubes around the heap of coconut and shaved ice. The mango sticky rice had two beautiful balls of sticky rice and two mango halves with the mango grid cut, a way to cut mangoes that you may or may not be familiar with. We gobbled up our delicious mango desserts and went to the movies.

When we entered the theater, it was just like one in Seattle. We sat down and watched billions of advertisements (a lot more than you would see in the US) until a pink screen showed that said “Please rise to pay respects to HIS MAJESTY THE KING, the heart and inspiration for all Thai people”. It showed pictures of the king of the Thailand with a golden background while playing the national anthem of Thailand. I wondered if it was necessary before every movie? We sat down when it stopped and watched the movie. After the movie, as we left, in the front of the mall was a women singing. It was amazing! Live music! It had a red theme to it, and there were about 100-170 people watching! We walked in the moonlight (obviously not hot) to our cozy home.

Below: Mango Mania


Below: The Mall

Below: Chinese New Year Theme


Below: Person Singing