Janet & I went to the big mall to get dinner. When we were ordering our delicious wraps, Janet spotted a colorful mochi shop out of the corner of her eye. We sneaked over there and got ten pieces of tiny mochi to share for a suprise after dinner. When the wraps were ready, we grabbed them, and then fast-walked home so that the mochi would not melt. When we reached home, we quietly opened the creaky gate of our place, and put the mochi in the freezer. When we had all almost finished dinner, we pulled out the mochi. We opened the package and pulled out all the mochi to identify them. When we had just reached the last mochi, we found dry ice at the bottom!

We got a bowl and poured some water into it. Then we added one piece of dry ice. A big cloud of mist went up! We slowly put the dry ice in, and when the mochi had melted, we nibbled through them. We had finished eating the mochi, and we watched the last little piece of dry ice flicker out of existence, and we headed up into our beds.