There are some weird foods out in that big wide world. From Japanese rice cakes (Mochi) to Künefe (a Turkish dessert containing a base of cheese and honey), we have had a lot of weird and unique foods. But there are some that get even weirder. I mean, what could get weirder than cheese with honey. I think non-Easter pink eggs could.

When you hear pink eggs, it sounds like the classical Easter egg. These pink eggs are fermented in things like ash, salt, clay, lime, and even tea! They were originally used when most people didn’t have refrigerators, and this process of fermenting can keep them up to 3 years without refrigeration! They are an invention of China. Before refrigerators were widespread, they would commonly be fermented with horse urine. Now, at the thought of eggs being fermented in horse urine, you would never want to buy an egg like that. Now try to guess the color of the inside. It’s black! And the yolk… black too! I decided to try one and… Yuck! They tasted disgusting! Kieran tried and thought the same. Most people said they tasted good but I did not think that.

There is one more food I want to talk about. Edible bird nests. These bird nests are made by a sparrow which makes their nests out of saliva. Yes, you heard me, saliva. We found some bird nests at the mall and they were beautifully packaged and they look like food. It turned out that they are food. The nests are made out of solidified saliva (spit) and are considered a Chinese delicacy. These bird nests can be dissolved in water to make a gelatinous soup. The bird nests can cost 1000s of US dollars per pound, which, as you probably know, is very expensive. They are found in Southeast Asia. These nests come in different colors because of different species, and some are more expensive than others. Thailand is the 3rd biggest exporter of the bird nests. China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan are the 3 biggest importers of edible bird nests.

Below: Pink Eggs



Below: Swallow’s nest