You might have read Julien’s blog about a Thai cooking class. In that blog, he mentioned that he went with Janet, and we were going to go with Alex. Today is the day that we went with Alex. We caught our van, and there we met a couple who were visiting Thailand for 1 week or so. The instructors gave us a “menu” with choices for what to cook. One soup, one stir fry, one curry, and one dessert.

We started with the soups, and we went to the outdoor cooking area. I was making the hot and creamy soup, Jasper the hot and sour, and Alex the chicken milk soup. At the very beginning, I found that the soups had almost the same ingredients. We finished chopping up the veggies, and headed over to the stoves. We boiled the veggies with mushroom stock and water. Some of the soups added coconut milk, others just more water. We finished, and took them to the table to eat.

Then, came the stir fry. It was quite similar to the soup, but no water and quite noodle based. I made Pad-C-eaw (pad-see-you), Jasper made glass noodles, and Alex Pad Thai. Then once again when we were done, we brought it to the table to eat.

Then came the curry. The curry was interesting We got some spices and poured it into the mortar. We mashed it for a while and it turned into a paste. They told us to stop and move on to dessert, interestingly. So I made my sticky rice, and then put it on the table (but I did not eat it). Next we went back to the curry. We put the curry paste into the water with the rest of the veggies, and stirred it in the pot. We brought the curry to the table and ate both the curry and the dessert together.

I loved it a lot but I did not feel like it was as good as Julien’s. I can not wait to get home and cook there. It was much different than I thought, and I wish we could do it again.