After going to some outstanding temples (read Julien’s post: Temples and Stuppas from the 1300s), we went on a search for the Night Market, a Bazaar famous throughout the whole of Thailand. We found the Night Bazaar on a tuk tuk. We looked through an area full of art, with people drawn as if they were taken in a picture. The detail that they added to the people! It would have been so tempting to just take out a tiny wrinkle! There are also beautiful wooden statues, showing images from elephants to the Buddha.

We looked at more, and there was everything! Clothes, Keychains, Food, Art, Soap carving, Soaps, Necklaces, Bracelets, Wood carving, Scarfs, Pillowcases, Rugs, Pottery, Sunglasses, Bags… Everything! We then quickly found a fish spa. You know those things where you put your feet in water and a bunch of little fish come to eat the skin on your feet? I dipped my little feetsies into the water… and uggghhh. I did not like it. However, Julien and Kieran loved it. Little fish came and nibbled at your feet, though it seemed as if they weren’t eating, they were just so scooching along your skin. We finished with our feet ready for exfoliation, because we had let our feet soak in water.

We went across the street to eat dinner where they had lots of foods. We sat down and got a nice “assortment” of foods. They had some weird meats up for display! There was Scorpion, Ostrich, and Crocodile! To see such bizarre foods at the Night Market was weird and understandable. I mean, a bunch of weird meats did sort of match with a Night Bazaar. We ate a giant assortment of vegetables, with a humongous mushroom platter, that consisted of only mushrooms. We gobbled up and went on a search for dessert. We found a delicious dessert that we had never tried before, which was made with an interesting process:

1. They would put some cubes of whatever the flavor was (if it was chocolate they used brownies, if it was mango they used mangoes) and this flavored milk thingamabob onto a freezing pan.

2. They chop and mix the 2 ingredients.

3. They spread it out and let it freeze on the freezing pan.

4. They scrape it off and roll it up.

5. They put the rolls in a ice cream cup

6. They put whip cream on top

7. Finally, they put on other stuff such as mangoes, brownies, or bananas.

8. Now it’s ready!

We ate it all and it was so delicious! We went home in a tuk tuk and went to bed with our little tummies full of deliciousness!

Below: Scorpion meat


Below: Dessert


Below: Night Market

Below: Fish Spa