Today, we went on a hike. We started the hike in the afternoon, at the heat of the day. We walked through a rocky path with trees and vines until we reached a big space made out of sheer rock, with water trickling down the rock in a gentle way. We followed the stream, and it started slanting upwards. Then we reached a viney rooty “wall” where we had to go over a bridge and then… Bingo! There was a waterfall! Water falling onto a rock, and then falling off that rock onto another one, while occasionally the falling water splits from a rock jutting out.

We followed the trail steeply up and down, observing the oh-so-many paths you could take. There would be places where the trails split, and places where the trails meet. After going down an extremely steep incline, we got to a nice place where we could play in the the water. Plus, we were all very sweaty. The waterfall filled a pool, and from that pool it drained into many more skinny waterfalls, which met in a way bigger pool where the water came out in one, solid, waterfall. There were little tadpoles, squirming in the water. The tadpoles were so cute. They looked helpless with no way to defend themselves from us, for we are way bigger than little tadpoles. We liked playing with the leaves. When we dropped them into the pond, we got to see which waterfall they went down, and how they got into the pond farther down. It’s fascinating that the waterfall just keeps on going down, because the hill is always going down.

We got going farther up the trail, until we got to a lookout. You could see the Ping River, a river that stretches across a lot of Thailand, and is almost 660 km in length. You could also see the city, with smoke blending in. The smoke came from the North, where the farmers burn their fields to grow new ones. After checking out the lookout, we turned back. We went down a different path, which was a lot easier. But, I am still happy we went up the harder one for the experience.

Below: Super pretty landscape


Below: Us playing in water


Below: Other