More and more outings. First Janet and my cooking class, then the elephant sanctuary, followed by Alex and my Meditation retreat, followed by Jasper, Kieran, and Janet’s cooking class, and then a hike to the Huay Kaew waterfall. We have more outings planned even past today’s.

Today was another waterfall. An hour drive away, there is a series of small, definitely not steep, waterfalls. They split and then meet up with other paths, and then meet up with more and break from the other one. It was a maze. The water had special minerals in it that made the limestone it was running over not slippery. It was like there were little handholds everywhere. It was bumpy and not slippery.

There were three tiers. One was at the very top, which had many little waterfalls splitting and connecting down to the second tier, which had more waterfalls splitting and intertwining down to the third tier. It was very fun gripping the rocks and feeling so safe. It was like a natural playground.

Up and down we went, avoiding the parts of the waterfalls that had algae, because the algae is very slippery. In some parts the water was slow, though in others it was fast. Though there was still a layer of mineral water flowing over the rocks. I could put my finger in and disrupt the current.

The water would splash hard against a rock, and little droplets would fly all around. They would scatter across my torso, cooling me. Sometimes I would shiver, and other times I would appreciate the coolness of the water. We would hike (more like play) up and down the waterfalls, until at last, we were all tired.

The whole thing seemed so natural, yet so artificial, so altered. It was a truly amazing thing that nature had created, but us humans were using it. I would watch as water flowed down the slope, and then someone would walk by me, reminding me that humans are almost always ever-present. Though I still had fun in half-nature.

There is so much fun to be had 11,580 kilometers from home. So much to do. So many things to think about and ponder. So many things to chase. An abundance of joy to be had.

Below: Climbing Up and Down the waterfalls (I assure you–not slippery)




Below: Map of Area drawn by me