We have just moved from our house in Chiang Mai to our urban farmhouse in Siem Reap. I liked the one in Chiang Mai more, but I can deal with it. So far I have been liking Chiang Mai more, but I think Angkor Wat will change that. Today I have decided to write about the differences, and my opinions comparing Chiang Mai and Siem Reap.

I think that Chiang Mai is more developed. It has crosswalks and traffic lights, while so far in Cambodia, we have seen no such things. Also, in Siem Reap, there is a lot of garbage on the side of the road, like plastic bottles and bags, which pollutes. Although I am suprised of the amount of pollution in Siem Reap because Chiang Mai was known for being smoky in Febuary because the city is like in a valley so when the farmers burn their crops the smoke drifts and settles in Chiang Mai. And I had not heard anything about smoke in Siem Reap; not saying the trash is the reasoning.

I have found that Chiang Mai has a ton more temples. Siem Reap has a couple and since the Khmer empire switched back and forth between Hinduism and Buddhism, there are old Hindu temples that are not used for the practice of Hinduism; meanwhile Chiang Mai has mostly Buddhist temples. I am also wondering if they still practice a lot Hinduism today in Cambodia?

Closing in, homework. Homework was easy but difficult in Thailand. It was difficult because we did not really have the time to do a lot of schoolwork beacause of all the activities, but it was easy at the same time because of the shade, large tables, and great working enviroment. So in Chiang Mai we had a decent amount of schoolwork but not as much as I really wanted. Cambodia so far has not been the best. Very hot, lots of mosquitoes, dirty tables and not much time. So in this time we have been doing a little but I think enough schoolwork. I also can not wait to school my butt off in Bali, Indonesia.

Last but not least, colonization. The British colonized Mynmar (Burma); meanwhile, the French colonized Cambodia. Both made a deal to keep Thailand a neutral zone to separate each other. So Siem Reap was colonized and Chiang Mai was not. Though I am confused because I would call Chiang Mai more “europeanized” than Siem Reap.

Below: Siem Reap