We woke up at 5:00am to go to Angkor, the great capital of the Khmers. You may know the area of Angkor as Angkor Wat, but that is just the biggest and most famous temple. We got a tuk-tuk to Angkor, where we drove to Angkor Wat. Angkor has roughly a rectangular area of 513 acres. I could see the gate, with the moat around it, and the gate with stuppas coming out with a round top. There are pillars making out a hallway on each side and three entrances through the gate.

We went through the gate, peering at the loose stones and carvings, and then… Angkor Wat! The tall stuppas rising from the middle with a tall entrance. There are Nagas on the bridge, which are used as balustrades, but also represent the crossing from the world of men to the world of gods. Angkor Wat was built to represent Mount Meru, the mountain where it was thought that all the gods are, sort of like Mount Olympus. Then, there are smaller stuppas which represent the foothills, and the moat represents the ocean. We came really early to watch the sunrise above Angkor Wat. We entered and it was suddenly a maze.

Hallways and doorways everywhere, some lead to a flat floor, while others are stairs. We wanted to get into a taller part, which required standing in line for a bit, not saying that is bad. About halfway through standing in line, we found out that you could only go if you are over the age of 12. So, Alex went while Janet, Julien, Kieran, and I stayed down. When Alex was done, we went down to a tree and started drawing. We drew under a tree, both Angkor Wat and the nature. It was very peaceful, the tall temple rising upwards. We decided to be done and go back to the tuk-tuk. We drove to Angkor Thom. For more information, read Kieran’s blog post: Angkor Thom.