Another post-travel postcard! I finished this one on a glorious afternoon to self in Siem Reap, during which time I ate a wonderful, quiet meal in a peaceful restaurant, bought Jasper a crocheted pink elephant keychain that he’d spotted the day before but hadn’t been ready to commit to, bought a spare pair of Cambodian pants for Kieran because he loved the first pair so much that I wanted him to have a backup, and browsed through a store that was selling little sew-on patches depicting flags of all the countries in the world.

The flag patches were a mere 50 cents in USD each, and I deliberated for awhile before buying one to represent each country on our year of travel. Would it just be another “thing,” another piece of “stuff,” the idea of sewing them onto a tapestry turning into another project that may or may not ever be completed? I thought about how much the kids LOVED flags and how passionate they were about learning them, how Julien had proclaimed himself a “flag-ologist,” and decided to buy the flags. I’m so glad I did.