Today, we went out to a restaurant called The Elephant. They had perfectly shaped and crafted smoothies, with bright colors swirling inside the glass. Swinging chairs rocked back and forth in front of an amazing view over Balinese landscape. There were wooden statues of Garudas with their open mouth and full wingspan stretched wide.

It felt so different, so luxuriously different. In many of the other places that we have stayed, mostly in Tanzania or Cambodia, things were not so easy. I felt so lucky to be able to do that, sitting there, Below drinking those smoothies and eating that food. Bali has a relaxing flavour to it different from anywhere we’ve stayed.

I was able to take a truly relaxing big breath there. In fact, I bet I could relax anywhere in Bali. Meditating is so especially calming and easy here, so each night I meditate and then after fall into a deep sleep.

I am going to enjoy our six weeks in Bali.

Below: The Elephant