Being a vegetarian on a trip around the world isn’t easy. Sometimes, we have to search for a vegetarian restaurant. I have managed being vegetarian for 4 years now, and Kieran started 3 years ago. In Spain, it wasn’t difficult to find vegetarian food, even though Spain known for its seafood. In Tanzania, it was difficult because we were limited on options. In Tanzania we also ate a lot of beans and rice for protein, and that is where I became a crustaceatarian (we will talk about that later). We wet to India, where vegetarian food isn’t the problem–it was making sure that it isn’t spicy! It turns out that Chiang Mai, Ubud, and Seattle are all extremely vegetarian friendly cities! Here in Ubud we have had no problem with finding vegetarian food.

Now about crustaceatarianism (not a real word). For more information, read my blog: Becoming a Crustaceatarian. I became a crustaceatarian (not a real word either) because I might have not been getting a lot of protein. I became a vegetarian again in Kendwa. I became a vegetarian in the first place right after holding a piglet in a farm in Colombia. I felt bad for it because when it grows up, it will be slaughtered for its meat. I still feel bad for that pig today.

Quote from Kieran:

“I have found it quite difficult [to be vegetarian], and I am a little bit more picky with meat than Jasper is so I have had to try to be [a bit] more flexible [about being vegetarian]. Us cooking by ourselves at home makes it easy to not add meat, but when we go out we have to look hard. I have managed [being vegetarian] and I feel like we have been lucky to find so many vegetarian options [near us].”


[]= stuff I added

Kieran is a bit pickier with his vegetarianism than me. For example: I am fine with big chunks of meat in mine because I can pick them out. While with Kieran, if he has meat in his, he gets a bit worried and has the temptation to not eat it. I have eaten a bit of meat on accident, but that doesn’t upset me. I don’t know exactly how to make you understand why I became vegetarian, though I think you roughly get why.

Below: A whole pig being cooked in the Medival Market, Fuengirola, Spain

Below: Assorments of meat at the Medival Market, Fuengirola, Spain

Below: Big, Fat, Creepy, chunk of meat in Kendwa, Zanzibar, Tanzania


Below: Below: Sausages in Siem Reap, Cambodia