In most places in Bali, online taxis (Grab, Uber, Blue Bird, Go Car, etc. ) are not allowed. According to law, it is not illegal, but it is discouraged. I think online taxi companies usually put the prices low, which means the taxi drivers might not get enough money. In my opinion, I think that it gives more money to the richer companies rather than the locals just trying to make a living. I have found a lot of signs saying, “Grab, Uber, Go Car, Blue Bird, NO!” on the sidewalk and next to hotels, to say that those companies are not allowed into the hotels. So far we have not been using Grab, and just been finding people who are calling out “Taxi! Taxi!” Taxis have been cheap, about 50,000 IRD (4 USD) to get around town, and I really do not find much need to use Grab.

Below: a sign advising against using online taxis20190304_132601.jpg

Below: many people on the street offering a taxi20190304_133743.jpg