Bali is a place to relax, do schoolwork, and meet new people. In Europe, we met with Pilar, Maruja, and other Spanish relatives. In Italy, we stayed with Colleen and her family. In France, we stayed with Jean-Louis and Claire and were hosted and served dinner by Virginie (Vir-ji-nee). In Germany we met with Britta.

That all went away in Tanzania. We have barely seen the faces of anyone from Seattle, and being away from family for three months made me feel so good about meeting and spending time with new people in Ubud.

It seems that Ubud is a very common worldschooling destination. It is fun, relaxing, yummy, and quite laid-back. A couple of days ago, we spent the evening with some friends from Seattle that had decided to move to Ubud. We ate dinner and talked about our travels, until our friends had to go home and put their kids to sleep.

The first night we spent time with Eri and Jaymin, our friends from Seattle. We had previously contacted Megan and her son Rowan, and had set up plans to meet them today. Tomorrow we are going to go to a big worldschooling gathering with parents and kids at a place that has a skate park, a play area, a restaurant, and three swimming pools.

We first met up with Megan and Rowan at a library tucked behind a restaurant and through an alley. It was a sizable room, with plenty of shelves full of books. The only pieces of literature that I had read in there were the Harry Potter books, which were scattered across all the shelves in both Indonesian and English.

Us three had a good time getting to know Rowan, and the adults, Megan. The kids talked over a Guinness World Record book about our travels and our experiences. We exchanged magic tricks and had a fun time playing tag (no one else was there and the room was small so why not?).

It felt good spending time with somebody was at least close to my age. Most of all the kids we have met that are worldschooling are either way younger than us or slightly older, which makes a big difference.

We went out to dinner and smoothies afterwards, talking more about our traveling perspectives. We will most likely see them in the future, and get to spend more time together.

Below: Library