Today, we went to a weekly worldschooling meetup. It was at a place called Titi Batu, which means “little stone bridge.” The people who attend are a mix of people who have moved in for a lifetime/several years and people who are just coming in for 1 week to 3 months.

We played foosball and ping pong, and swam in the pools. Titi Batu has a lot of things in a small area. There are 3 swimming pools, one which is age restricted (16+) The first one had a giant swan floatie, that people got on and off of. That was the main one. There was a ledge that you could jump off of. There are also these rice bean bag floatie things. They are made of plastic weaving, and are stuffed with raw rice. It is especially fun to jump off the ledge on to one of the rice bean bag floaties. It is soft though hard when you land. The ledge that you jump off of is the only stone bridge and is small, so I guess that is what the place is named after. It seems weird having a place that is named after something that is not very important/relevant.

We met a family of four (I guessed how to spell all of the names): Robert (dad), Michelle (mom), Pepper (11-year old sister), and Smith (9-year old brother). We also met Megan and Rowan (also guessing how to spell the names), and Jaymin and Eri. We met Jaymin and Eri at Blue Bear Skate Park which we have not mentioned in our blog. The family of four left in August 2018 (the same month we did), and have gone to Spain (La Herradura), India, Morocco, Medellin in Colombia (we are going there!), Bali (of course), and a few more places that we have not gone to.

Below: Beautiful Sunset at Titi Batu


Below: Main Swimming Pool