In Bali, they have a different year system. The new year celebration lasts three days. The first, today, is the last day of the year. They have a special event called the Ogoh Ogoh Parade, featuring big paper evil spirits, and at 1 AM, they burn them. The second is a day of silence where you do not leave where you stay, and they turn off internet, etc. Finally, the third day is the day when friends and family gather to forgive each other.

We met up with a couple of friends from Titi Batu, and waited about an hour for the parade to come to the intersection. They slowly approached, and it was very slow paced. The monsters were both scary and cool. It looked like one was half boar, and there was one which looked like an eight tusked pirate! They were in a line and then one would do its little dance, and then the next would go. I found it a little funny how their limbs almost fell off! We eventually found it way too crowded, so we got out. We came to a plaza and it was such a relief. We strolled on home and saw the broken ones getting carried away, and putting out new ones.

“It seems as if they were bringing back the defeated and injured, and putting forward new reinforcements.”
~Julien Alviar

As a little treat, we also got some ice cream on the way out.