In the morning, we got ready to do a hike. It was shady and cool, so this was the day. We hiked with Robert, Michelle, and Smith (Pepper wasn’t feeling so well). We hiked up some steep inclines, surrounded by an abundance of wildlife and rivers. It was nice being out in nature once more, hearing the trickling of rivers. Every once and a while I would see a millipede crawling across the ground. We got up on the ridge, a ravine on each side. There were bungalows peeking through trees, and volcanoes in the distance. It was beautiful how the trees stood tall on the side of the ravine.

We got to the end of the ridge, and we saw a monster from the Ogoh Ogoh parade. It was destroyed and wrecked, and there were bits of styrofoam (what it is made of) everywhere. We walked on, looking at the rice paddies set up in terraces, with the rice plants being ever so green. We got walked on, and decided to take a loop and looked at a mixture of ravines, nature, cafes, and busy streets. We walked farther as I got very tired. My limbs were worn out. They were out of energy like they didn’t even exist. We sat down and got lunch with Robert, Michelle, and Smith, though they left soon after before eating a meal. We got lunch for takeout and went straight home. The hike was absolutely beautiful! If you come to Ubud, I would very much suggest it (if you’re an exercisey person)!

Below: Beautiful landscape


Below: Rice Paddies




Below: Half-Destroyed Ogoh Ogoh Monster