Today, Janet and I took a little walkabout to explore the city. We searched for some bookstores (one which we did not find), went to some temples, and got a little treat at a cafe.

I get a bookmark in every country we go to, so we looked in some bookstores, though we did not have any luck. My favorite part was probably either the water temple (even though we were not allowed in because we did not have proper clothing), or the Lazy Cat Cafe, where we ate a strawberry cheesecake.

We kind of lost our way trying to find the Ubud Water Palace and wandered into some other area. It did take us a while, and I learned that the little red dot on google maps is not always quite accurate. Also, after visiting the water palace, we had heard of two different types of fruits here. They were called snakeskin fruit and mangosteen. We knew that Jasper wanted to try them so we got some.

The mangosteen has achieved a place as one of my top favorite fruits, and it reminds me of a purple persimmon. You crack it open and it has this little white juicy fruit inside that I love. The snakeskin fruit really looks like garlic on the inside, and has this snakeskin-looking peel. It was not my favorite of all, and I am looking forward to eating more interesting fruits.

Below: Water Temple


Below: The other area (Ubud Palace)


Below: Lazy Cat Cafe