In Seattle, I played a lot of soccer. Since then, we have played a couple pick up games with kids at the beaches of Fuengirola, in a park in Fuengirola, on the beaches in Zanzibar, and now today, on the Indonesian Island of Bali.

We met up at a open, slightly littered with trash, and very grassy field with Megan and Rowan, our friends that we met a couple days ago from South Dakota that are also staying in Bali. Janet and Megan went to chat, while the rest of us played. I was so sweaty. It felt like I had just taken a bath in sweat. We set up goals using our pile of shirts, our backpack, and some other items in the vincity. We played until we got tired. Passing, kicking, shooting, missing, falling, and of course sweating.

Afterwards, we spotted a frozen yogurt place across the street. As we walked inside, I was reminded 100% of ZoeYogurt in Seattle. They had the same machines that put yogurt into our bowls. They had the same system of pick a yogurt then pick toppings then pay for the total weight. After, we sat outside, just savoring a taste of home. It tasted, smelled, and felt like ZoeYogurt. We all had our own favorite flavours, and we talked about other things that reminded us of the USA.

It was very fun just playing soccer like crazy for quite a while, and then getting to relax outside with a nice bowl of frozen yogurt that tasted like home, even though we are 13,100km away from home. I do miss home.

Below: Yogurt that tastes like home, and our friend Rowan!

Below: Soccer