Bali is very different from any other Asian “country” that I have seen. It is on a island, so that makes sense. Bali produces a lot of rice and has a very different food style.

Balinese food is difficult to describe. They have many foods such as Mie Goreng (a mix of Asian noodles and vegetables), Babi Guling (suckling pig), Nasi Goreng (an Asian rice with vegetables), and Gado-Gado (steamed vegetables with tofu and peanut sauce). I like Indonesian food a lot, especially Gado-Gado. There are a lot more Indonesian foods, though those foods are not as common. The 4 that I mentioned above are the ones that are in every restaurant and catch my eye as deliciousness (besides the Babi Guling because that one is not in every restaurant and is not vegetarian, I put it up there because it is very Balinese).

Bali has a wide variety of plants, with the majority being rice. Bali has tons of rice, and many Indonesian foods include rice. One of the plants I have seen here a lot is called a Crab Claw, and is this vine/string that hangs down with little things sprouting out of that that sort of look like crab claws. There is another flower called a Kamboja Flower (also known as a Plumeria Flower). I like the Crab Claw and Kamboja Flower, but I like the rice paddies just as much. The terraces of rice paddies look so interlocked and beautiful with their green little sprouts.

Indonesia has a lot of animals. Dogs wander stray along the streets, and bizarre insects crawl along the floor. Dogs are the main animal you see here. The dogs are so skinny like the cats in Morocco. I feel bad for the dogs, though I am not going to buy a feast for the dogs. The insects here are interesting. I saw a half-cricket half-cockroach thingy once. I see a lot of adorable little beetles, and I saw orange millipedes on our ridge hike, and a lot of other odd insects I can’t describe. There are a lot of geckos in Bali, especially on the light-up boards to advertise a shop. The geckos come there because of the light which attracts bugs.

I like the bizarre insects, the dogs, the food, the plants, the rice paddies, and pretty much everything! In Bali it feels very peaceful to me.

Below: Lizards on the light-up boards (might be a little difficult to see the lizards


Below: Crab Claw Flower

Below: Plumeria Flower

Below: Hibiscus Flower


Below: Bird in a nest