Art is something that is incredibly diverse throughout the places we’ve visited. The Western European art style of Art Nouveao, the Italian Renaissance paintingsof the Vatican, and the Indian tapestries of Hindu mythology are all very unique. Today we looked at Balinese art.

We visited a Balinese art museum just down our street that had four big rooms filled with pieces of modern Balinese art. There were wood carvings, paper projects, paintings, and a piece of artwork that was a 3D model of a person sitting in a chair with fake splatters of paint, alcoholic drinks, and cigarettes lying around.

Some of the other pieces of artwork depicted moments from local stories, others showing creatures scaring off evil spirits. Life, harmony, happiness, or grief. These paintings had it all. There were so many of them.

I wouldn’t say there was a single painting or piece in the museum that I didn’t like. All art is beautiful.

Below: Artwork and the Museum