Today, we are moving from Sari Bungalows to Mettaya Guesthouse, our new place. We packed up, and I said a final goodbye to Sari Bungalows, with its delicious breakfast every morning, and its elegant pool where you can overlook the rice fields. Our new place was only a 5-minute walk down the street, so we heaved our bags over to the next place.

We entered and OMG! It had a beautiful pool, and it was also a restaurant! We came early so we ate lunch there, and it sure was delicious lunch! With my belly full, we checked out our rooms and they are amazing! We have a big, spacious, beautiful bathroom, and we have a big, spacious room. The towels are folded into dogs, and there is a porch! It isn’t super fancy, I just really like it!

It feels weird moving, and I always feel like I’m forgetting something. Though, that’s rarely true. Ahhhhh. I feel so relaxed here. I don’t know why I feel more relaxed here than in Sari Bungalows. We have perfect places for schoolwork, and so far, so good!