Today, we went to Sanur, a coastal town next to Denpasar. We went there to meet the Loucases there (Smith, Pepper, Michelle, and Robert).

When we got there, we immediately spotted a game called Magic the Gathering. Magic the Gathering is a collectible card game which is quite complicated. We (Kieran, Julien, and I) learned it back in Seattle, and I haved missed it a lot on our travels. I was very excited to learn that Smith and Pepper played Magic the Gathering, because not very many 9-year olds play it. We played a game of Magic the Gathering together, and finished just as the adults went out for a walk along the beach.

We also decided to play a game called Munchkins. Munchkins is a game where you defeat monsters to win, and you are a little “munchkin.” You have different classes and races, and you have many cards to help you and prevent others from killing monsters. We started of the game with Julien winning and with me way behind. I decided to just prevent others from winning, even though I knew that at sometime someone would win. I took Julien down to level 1 twice (there are 10 levels). Julien finally forfeited and we declared Smith as the winner because he was way ahead (don’t worry, you don’t have to understand the game).

It was nice laying around with friends, feeling back at home. But soon after we had to leave. We are probably not going to see them again, because they are leaving Bali. It’s sad having to leave someone and probably never see them again.

Below: Funny Signs


Below: Us playing Magic the Gathering