Two days ago, we toyed around with pottery. I have always wanted to expand with pottery onto the wheel, although the only shots with pottery I ever had was with a wonderful set of tools, some colored clay given by a friend, and an after-school activity. But none had the wheel. When I heard we were going to a self instructed pottery class with a wheel, I was so excited!

We entered the class, and they told us the usual rules (don’t touch other peoples pottery without permission, don’t scream, etc.). When it came my turn on the wheel, I was thrilled. To me it seemed easier than it looked. One thing that I found different the wheel was that it drys out quickly, so he was constantly tossing water. I aimed to make a cup, and it was success, but I found the handle too difficult, so I skipped it.

However, one sad thought occurred. Since their kiln (oven) was broken, it might take more than 3 weeks to let it dry and heat. It was still fun, although we might not get it back.