Playing with other kids is really fun. Today we went to another worldschooling meetup, this time at the top floor of a restaurant with a pool table. As we arrived, there were only a couple other people there. As more people arrived, there was more to do.

Pepper found one of those rubber animals that you can bounce around on, and then the game began. We named the cow Arnold. He was our sacred cow. We would rotate the role of “Arnold Owner” between all five of us. If you bumped into or hurt Arnold, then you had to bow in front of him and give him 15 compliments or say 15 good statements about him. We created a procession in which we held Arnold aloft and sang our cow theme song (say or chant cow at any volume, pitch, or tempo).

We guarded and protected Arnold, and “arrested” anybody who tried to abduct him. We ate dinner there, and had a great time chatting until it was 20 minutes after the gathering was supposed to be over. Just a simply fun day.

Below: Arnold the Sacred Cow