Today, we went to a cacao ceremony. We had almost no idea what the cacao ceremony was about. We got there as they started preparing, and the surroundings are beautiful. There was an upstairs to the lodge, that was even more beautiful.

It started as the sun went down, on the full moon. We sat down as they passed out the cacao (liquid chocolate). It wasn’t just a “drink hot chocolate!” thing, it was much more of a “think thoughtfully and pour your thoughts into the cacao” type of thing. They sang a song as they passed out the cacao, and once everyone had their cacao, we praised it to the West, South, East, North, earth, and sky.

It wasn’t exactly Balinese, it was a lot more New Age. New Age is a term for a much newer “religion”, that isn’t really even a religion. For example, the cacao comes from Latin America, not Bali. I don’t know much about New Age. We poured what we wanted to receive and give into the cup of cacao, as they sung a song. They sang many songs, one that talks about how your spirit is strong, your heart is strong, and your body is strong. We drank our cacao thoughtfully.

Then, the ecstatic dance started. We decided to eat dinner at that time. I am happy that I didn’t do the ecstatic dance, because an ecstatic dance uses lot of off moving your arms around, so it was very crowded and it isn’t exactly where I like to be. After the ecstatic dance there was going to be sound healing, which is what we were all looking forward to.

The sound healing started. I got into a good position to lie down, and I listened to the music. It was so calming. I was drifting off with thoughts, and I felt so relaxed. The music was so soothing. I almost fell asleep. But then we had to go. I knew that always had to happen, but there is always a sadness that goes through me whenever we have to leave.