Since we needed to get visa extensions in Denpasar, we realized that the Loucases were staying next to Denpasar, and we could go do something with them. They were going to an interactive art museum, so we decided to go too.

When we finished doing our exciting visa extensions (with fingerpints and everything!), we skipped over to the museum, and after a couple minutes, they arrived.

There were paintings but with illusions that could only be seen by a camera lens. We wandered through the muesem taking interesting pictures. I liked one type where two people would stand on either side of a hole, and it would look like a mirror. But then, Jasper and I were on either side. Another one of my favorites was one where it looked like I was a little mouse, and Jasper was the evil monster with a hammer. I had tons more favorites, but, I don’t have time to explain them all, so enjoy the pictures below!