This is a fictional post. If you don’t know what a Flerken is, skip to the very bottom of the post to learn (warning: includes spoilers for Captain Marvel).

We suspect that a Flerken has infiltrated the property. Today we saw an almost perfect calico cat, fur sleek, fully grown, and quite friendly (on the outside). Only a Flerken could look so perfect.

No one goes swimming when it is near the pool. Nobody eats luch when it is napping on the table. At night all the doors are locked and barred, and the windows shut. Sometimes it hops onto the kitchen counter, giving us a warning hiss to back away. We stare in horror as it trashes our refrigerator, leaving what we were going to use for dinner to the ants.

Yesterday there were two cats on the property, one of which was the calico flerken. This morning the other cat was gone. We could only fear the worst. In fact, I am even positive there might be one less chair at the dining table today.

We are currently trying to befriend it and form a bond in which it doesn’t terrorize us. So far it is going well.

Below: Taming the Flerken

Below: Alex is brave enough to hold the Flerken

Below: Flerken and our property


Warning: spoilers for Captain Marvel ahead.

A Flerken is a made up animal from the Marvel movie Captain Marvel. On the outside, the creature looks like an average housecat, but can bring forth huge, blue, slimy octopus tentacles from its mouth and engulf pretty much anything, be it a pebble, an elephant, or a fighter jet. Do not handle Flerkens lightly, and you certainly don’t want to be in ones path when it is mad.

Below: An actual Flerken