2 days ago, we moved to our new place, but this one is different. It is very fancy. It has a very long pool, an upstairs, and is actually a full “house” (when I say house I mean we rent only one place, unlike the other places where we had to rent multiple rooms because there wasn’t space for 5 people).I love the area, and it is one of my favorite places of this whole trip (as well as Ronda and some other places).

It has 3 gigantic, spacious bathrooms. The area is surrounded with nature and the rooms have AC. I also just adore the architecture, and how it all blends in. We booked this place when we were in Paje, which was probably the worst place so far, so we wanted better accommodations. Now this feels like this is a bit too much. I’m a bit overwhelmed myself.

This is where I am planning to do the majority of my “Bali” schoolwork. Even though we haven’t had much time to do it so far, I am planning we will. We are staying here for about 2 1/2 weeks. I’ve been having a bit of trouble keeping up with schoolwork, but I think it’s going to be okay. The place is nice, and we have plenty of space to do schoolwork.

Below: A very bad panorama of our bathroom

Below: our pool and the nature