Today, we went to an similar event to Jai Thep, though more yoga focused. This event is the Bali Spirit Festival. The Bali Spirit Festival is an annual festival which is known worldwide (mostly by yogis).

We woke up early to make it to the smoothie making class, which I very much enjoyed. We compromised on one grand smoothie (well… actually two).

I also enjoyed a class on tie dye. However, the cloth was not t-shirts. It was little squares of fabric (or handkerchiefs). I was also wearing some of my favorite pants, which I got in Cambodia. We got two pairs of pants because I loved them so much, and then if I stained one I would have another. But I was still very careful not to stain them.

The last thing I really enjoyed was the trampoline. I really enjoyed the trampoline but it got too crowded, and we did not have a trillion years to spend at the Bali Spirit Festival. I wished we could have stayed longer to bounce on the trampoline.

We also attended two talks. One, I really did not like, and the other I liked but not as much as everything else. Of course they were both about yoga, which is not my favorite subject.