The Cacao Ceremony, the Bali Spirit Festival, and thanks to tourists, much of Ubud. They are all heavily based around the New Age religion. But I thought Bali was almost completely Hindu? I would say it was. About half the population of Ubud at any given point is made up of tourists. That means a lot of New Age practices have woven their way into the tapestry of Balinese culture. It has influenced the island, especially Ubud, quite a bit.

Culture isn’t the only thing that tourists are harming about Bali. Many tourists move here. It is similar to the problem in Tanzania. If the locals raise their prices for tourists, then what will happen to the other locals? They won’t be able to afford the food and supplies that are now so much more expensive.

Tourists also use a lot of resources. 60% of Bali’s water is used by tourists. The water is being used up very fast. And the towns are changing. If you go to see some beautiful sight, then you will most likely be sharing it with many other tourists. You can hardly walk down a street without seeing 50+ tourists. The island is very crowded, and there quite a lot of plastic waste, again, thanks to toursim.

Tourism would be amazing and fine in Bali, if it were just being done in the right way. And it gets me thinking, because after all I just said, I am still a tourist in Bali. I wonder how tourism could be done right in Bali?

Below: Lots of Water being used by Tourists